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Old two- three centuries. The game of poker has its origins in the Iranian game As nas, which was introduced in the USA by French sailors . But history shows that this game dates back to 1890, when contradictory because after the first source that demonstrate the presence of a similar game in the United States in the early 19th century. This game is also very close to the French card game called Three of a Kind, which in the 16th century which was very popular in Europe. Prime game otherwise called Primero is also closer to the game of poker as we know it today. The time it Primero 17th century and is considered the mother of the current poker. Bambara called Golfo or the rules were to get the best combination of cards with the five initial cards . The best combination then won the bet. The game of poker has its origins many.

The notion of Bluff that did not exist before in has its origins in his games from the same era as the Brag is a game English . Associated with the game of Ambiguous is a French game of the era of Louis XIV . Towards the end of the 18th century the blind appeared to finally give birth to the modern poker. The original name would celons what is said a word derived from the German Pochen which means hitting . Practiced since the 15th century in Germany seems to be the small son of pochen . and Pochen have a great similarity in their rules and principles of the game , however, it remains very difficult to trace the exact origins of poker. No official document available to play fails to explain clearly and directly the origins of the game of poker.

The popularity of poker in its modern version is due to the mediation efforts made ​​in the 20s by Joseph Crowell, English actor who returned to Europe tells a part of the game he attended in 1829 in New Orleans . achieved massive popularity in the 2000s , also called the ” Boom ” Poker this period is the golden age of poker . We then Attends TV broadcast party poker . 2003 Chris Moneymaker ‘s victory at the World Series of Poker democratizes and gave birth to online poker.

Open to the public , many poker competitions are now shown on television giving simple card game that was the image of a high-level sports competition . This new image of poker and on meditation has made professional poker players superstars . In 2012 the poker market is dominated by big brands such as Pokerstars , Turbopoker , Barriere Poker Winamax.