The 12 chapters presented on learn poker are the keys to becoming a winning player around the poker tables. The playback order will learn the rules in the first place and improve your understanding of poker. Do not hesitate once registered to post your questions on the forum to discuss and argue with other players in the community to better learn poker. Learn, play, win with LEPOKER.


120831060505518181  Chapter 1 – Learn poker in 5 minutes

120831061313228073 Chapter 2 – Understanding the game of poker

120831061639428480  Chapter 3 – Learning the combinations of cards Poker

120831061725195224 Chapter 4 – Learning the course of a sudden Poker

120831061802280156  Chapter 5 – Learning to  e rate the strength of your hand at Poker

120831061849779271  Chapter 6 - Your chances of winning at Poker

120831061947510772  Chapter 7 – Learn the key figures in Poker

120831064005223231  Chapter 8 – Learn poker odds

12083106411078826   Chapter 9 – Learn The glossary LEPOKER

120831062802691200  Chapter 10 – Learning to  know how to manage his money poker

120831063212293907  Chapter 11 – Learning to  s e lectionner his opponents Poker

120831062608351983  Chapter 12 – Learn the psychological aspect: the tilt