The term refers to bankroll your down payment, you invest the capital to play poker. This money is a way for you to generate more. If you play poker on a regular basis it is important to adopt a logic entrepreneur. The key to your progress is to consider the time spent at the tables as a single part . Image: A poker player is more like a manager than a high roller casino.

The quality of your game is 50% of your results, your bankroll management determines the remaining 50%.


Play boundaries of games that are in line with your financial resources around the tables. When you mount your capital increases within the upper limits, decreases when you go down and play in smaller amounts. FYI known limits “category”in which you operate: NL 10, NL 50, SNG € 5, € 60 MTT, OLP 100, etc.. Image: Playing poker is not playing a coin, or double or quits.



Never gains increase linearly, the idea of ​​long-term central poker. Even the best players in the world are subject to the luck factor. This explains the relative volatility of the money earned.In short, a portion of your earnings never belong to you completely. dependent You are lucky , but in the long run only the good players are winners. Image: curve Your earnings do not skyrocketing, it oscillates.


Knowing how to manage your down, you can prevent bad things of fate, of the variance. A downsing is a series of bad blows, bad beats which result in you to lose money. These sequences game can last several sessions. Aside from bitching against bad luck you are powerless against it. Bankroll management is to ensure you do not lose all of your initial investment . Image: Nobody escapes karma



Its role is twofold: to prevent against the vagaries of chance and find your comfort zone. Poker gains come slowly, lost quickly. It is for you to progress through levels while limiting the consequences of luck factor maximum. Basically you will evolve as limits or tournaments that you can afford. Image: Bankroll management is a safety cushion.


Here are the commonly accepted rules until a fairly advanced stage of progression. It is not uncommon to see very good players developed their own bankroll management. For each variant one thing is common. Management must be flexible. It is essential to go up or down depending on the size of your capital. Besides the purely mathematical aspect, it forces you to play a significant number of hands before moving on to the upper limit. More significant is the variance in a variant, more bankroll management must be cautious – number of buy-in high.

Down limits does not necessarily mean that one is less players that we just leave the limit. This psychological barrier prevents many players to practice healthy bankroll management.   A – TEXAS HOLD’EM It is important to always go with a full carpet, that is to say 100 big blinds. A buy-in is equivalent to 100 big blinds. Ex: 3 buy-in NL 50 = 150

Rule 25 buy-in

  • 25 buy-in with the upper limit you can go to the limit. You need € 2,500 to play NL 100
  • With 25 buy-in of the lower limit, you must come down. With € 1,500 you need down in NL 50


B – SIT AND GO – SNGThe 2% rule . Never spend more than 2% of your bankroll. 2% are obtained by dividing by 50 the amount of your capital. Example: with 250 € you can play SNG € 5 buy-in (5×50)  Note that we are talking about regular SNG. For turbo SNG variance is higher, you must count the number of higher cellars, at least 70/80. C – MULTI-TABLE TOURNAMENT MTTRule 100 buy-in acts of law. You can not enter a tournament where the buy-in is more than 1% of your bankroll. Example: To enter a tournament to 250 € entry fee, you should have a bankroll of € 25,000! (250×100) D – POT LIMIT OMAHA OLPThe 50 buy-in .  At PLO you can sit at a table with more than 100 big blinds, 50 buy-in are exactly 5,000 big blinds.


  • 50 buy-in of the upper limit you can go to the limit. It € 5,000 you need to play 100 NL
  • 50 buy-in of the lower limit, you must redescendre.Avec € 2,500 you need down in NL 50

E – NO LIMIT HEADS UP NL HU Face to face the variance is much higher than in the other variants. Losses equivalent to 10 mats a session did nothing exceptional. Having a bankroll which is 100 carpet is not a luxury. Example: to play HU NL € 20, you will have € 2,000.

The quality of your game is 50% of your results, your bankroll management determines the remaining 50%.